With more than a quarter century experience using applied physics, metallurgy, testing, and surface engineering to solve complex problems in valvetrain and motorsports, Godbold Engineering can be your most trusted resource when facing a wide range of challenges.

Instead of an hourly billing approach, projects Godbold Engineering is best suited to address will require a multistep process including the following:

Step 1: Taking Time to Fully Understand Your Goals and Available Resources

Step 2: Discussing Several Modes of Attack or Solutions for Each Project

Step 3: Choosing One Approach 

Step 4: Devising a Plan

Step 5: Assisting in Execution / Providing Files or Documentation as Required

While each step above may be communicated in less than an hour, the best solutions always require focused attention, some break to consider all aspects of any initial approach, then follow up after letting these thoughts process and percolate. Therefore, Godbold Engineering incorporates a weekly contract model, allowing adequate time to complete each step above with the thoroughness and attention required.  Otherwise, a “punch in” and “punch out” model would incentivize shortcuts in the design process that would not serve the client.  This approach has shown excellent results, exceeding customer expectations and providing the most complete analysis possible.


Industries Serviced

Professional Race Teams
Small to Large OEM’s
Industrial Engine Developers
Performance Industry Manufacturers
Major Engine Builders

Exclusivity Agreements

Certain exclusivity agreements for the contract terms are expected with all professional motorsport teams and may be appropriate for other customers. Each exclusivity agreement must be outlined and agreed upon before any contractual consulting. Exclusivity will not extend past the contract term..


Together, confidentiality and respect for intellectual property is the life blood of any successful business and of paramount importance in motorsports. While general processes and the approach Godbold Engineering applies will have significant commonality between customers, the specific solutions and all design files become the exclusive property of the customer. Not only is this the best possible outcome for the original customer, but a future customer, even one with a similar application, will always have several unique factors to consider. Therefore, applying Godbold Engineering’s “Customer A’s” solution in a project for “Customer B” would not only be taking intellectual property from “A” but would also be a disservice compared to what “Customer B” will achieve with a new solution customized for their application. Preforming each job with excellence while investing the full time required to provide uniquely optimized solutions is the highest priority for Godbold Engineering.