Growing up on a rural Mississippi farm, Godbold Engineering Solutions President, Billy Godbold, had two real passions: science and internal combustion engines.

Billy had the opportunity to combine his two passions into one career after receiving his M.S. in Physics from Florida State University. Godbold joined COMP Cams and was surrounded by professional experience spanning several generations of engine builders. Godbold worked with legends like Glidden, Lingenfelter, Jenkins, Pink & Elliot and eventually began consulting with today’s most highly engineering focused NASCAR teams & OEM’s.

Billy’s unique background allows him to communicate difficult concepts in a way anyone can understand. During his time in the Valvetrain Group at COMP Cams & Edelbrock, Billy developed their Xtreme Energytm, Thumprtm, and XFItm camshaft lines. He has spoken at dozens of conferences, volunteered as an FSAE Design Judge, and has designed over 100,000 unique cam profiles. Godbold’s designs and leadership have helped customers win thousands of professional level races and hundreds of championships.